Featured Book: Master the Language of the Universe

You're an adult, and you want to become better at math. Not square roots or differential equations, but rather the type of math you use every day. Master the Language of the Universe eliminates the fear that surrounds mathematics. Whether calculating sales tax, splitting a dinner check, or discussing sports statistics around the water cooler, we anxiously bumble and guess our way through calculations. In this book, you'll learn how to handle practical mathematics with speed, grace, and precision, and will be given the tools necessary to solve even complex math problems using only your mind. You'll develop an entirely new way to look at numbers and change the way you think on a fundamental level. View Table of Contents | Explore All Books

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Featured Download: Memory Fastlane

Memory Fastlane: Four Strategies for Supercharging Your Memory is a short, clear introduction to practical memory improvement. Learn custom strategies built from the best teachings of everyone from government operatives to memory sports competitors.

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Featured Articles

Roughing It: the Art of Quick, Imprecise Calculations

Most of the time, you don’t need to know that 40 goes into 1,236 exactly 30.9 times; you just need to know that if you have 40 classrooms, 1,236 students, and a maximum capacity of 20 students per room, you’ve got a problem. This is when quick, imprecise calculations come in handy. Let’s learn some tricks for squeezing as much precision as you can out of loose calculations. Read More >

What Really Works Pt. 3: Henry Rollins

This is the third installment of a regular feature called “What Really Works.” In each of these blog posts, I ask busy, successful people to name a single productivity tip or tool that they would like to share. Something impactful they feel is responsible for their continued success. The third installment features the great Henry Rollins. Read More >

The "Day of the Week" Trick

If presented with a date, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to quickly deduce exactly which day of the week it falls upon? Okay, "cool" is a strong word. How about incredibly convenient? After just a few minutes of work, you will be able to do so by performing the following trick. Read More >

A Simple Trick to Master Your Passwords

When it comes to passwords, there’s a delicate balance between security and sanity. Most of us have created dozens—if not hundreds—of passwords. Even if you don’t need to remember them all (tools exist for securely managing your passwords or allowing access to many different sites with a single master password), you should have a unique password for each website or app you use. Otherwise, if someone were to gain access to one of your passwords—even for something unimportant—they’d then have access to important things like email and banking sites. So how do you create hundreds of unique passwords without losing track of them all? Read More >

Solving a Rubik’s Cube (the BB@E Way)

The Rubik’s Cube has astounded and delighted generations with its frustrating simplicity. Years ago, a gentleman named Denny Dedmore developed a way to solve it through a series of seven distinct steps, each consisting of several specific algorithms (series of twists and turns). The algorithms (18 in total) are each up to twenty-two moves in length and need to be applied to very specific color patterns on the Cube. In short, Dedmore’s method allows the solver to exchange a difficult cognitive challenge for an equally daunting memorization challenge. Read More >

Some Practical Multiplication Shortcuts

Numbers in the “teens” (11 through 19) are common in daily life. Luckily, there’s a trick that will allow you to multiply two teen numbers in just a few seconds. Read More >

Easily Count to 899 On Your Fingers

Look, I know you count with your fingers—we all do from time to time—so you might as well do it like a pro. You’re an adult, and you face issues that require adult-sized numbers. You have ten fingers, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop at ten. How does 899 sound? Read More >

The Philosophy of Personal Security: An Interview with Babak Javadi

When you’re shopping for a smart lock for your home, cloud-based backup software for your personal computer, key card entry system for your office, or anything else that relies on serious security as a core requirement, it’s much easier to find features and praise than it is to find out exactly how secure the product really is. Read More

From the Pool to the Power Rack: Travis Pollen, Master of Fitness

Today’s guest post is by Travis Pollen, an accomplished Paralympic swimmer, personal trainer, and biomechanics graduate student. Travis has been featured on T-Nation.com, Schwarzenegger.com, and MensHealth.com. Read More

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Become Better at Everything breaks down the mechanisms "naturally intelligent" people use to learn, remember, and approach problems, and shows you how to employ these mechanisms yourself. By formalizing and optimizing the methods by which you procure, process, retain, and apply information, you can essentially learn to become smarter. In doing so, you will positively alter both your self-confidence and others' confidence in you.

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