What Really Works Pt. 3: Henry Rollins

By Matthew Canning, Become Better at Everything Founder

This is the third installment of a regular feature called “What Really Works.” In each of these blog posts, I ask busy, successful people to name a single productivity tip or tool that they would like to share. Something impactful they feel is responsible for their continued success.

The third installment features the great Henry Rollins.

Henry Rollins

Henry RollinsHenry Rollins may be the busiest man alive. After serving as front-man for the legendary hardcore punk outfit Black Flag, he parlayed his notoriety into a career that defies definition. Prodigious author. Mesmerizing public speaker. Poet. Activist. Musician. Producer. Actor. Few people have jammed more living into a single life, and I can’t think of one person better suited to dole out productivity advice.

In Henry’s words:

“Balance. It is a state of alertness and of being aware of what is and what’s next. Keeping balanced allows one to take on large amounts of work and treat it like a normal amount of work. I work steadily, not like a madman. I can’t afford to burn out. I know what I am capable of, so I don’t allow for sub par. Focus. I get the job done. I try not to leave things at loose ends. The distraction is what causes the stress, not the task. Preparation. No need to be nervous about anything if you have done your due diligence and are prepared.”

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